Shannonpark Roundabout and Raffeen Junction Upgrade

MEIC completed the civil works for Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) and Cork Co. Council. The Shannonpark Roundabout and Raffeen Junction Upgrade is located on the N28 national road linking Cork City to Ringaskiddy and Carrigaline. The goal of the project was to facilitate improvements to the operational performance of the roundabout, provision for vulnerable road users and to facilitate a number of traffic calming measures to enforce a lower speed environment.

The completed Shannonpark and Raffeen Junction works involved the following development:

• Site Clearance works
• Traffic Management
• Removal of Vegetation and tree felling works
• Construction of an additional lane on the N28 northern approach and an additional lane on the N28 Eastern approach at the Shannonpark roundabout
• Removal of deceleration and acceleration lanes at the Raffeen Junction
• Protection of existing Eircom ducting and communications cables
• Replacement of existing public lighting lanterns with new LED lanterns
• New storm sewers, gullies and manholes
• Provision, upgrade and extension of shared pedestrian/cycle facilities
• Provision of pedestrian/cycle crossing points
• Resurfacing of existing road surfaces and new road markings
• New signage and safety barriers

In a challenging environment, the Shannonpark Roundabout and Raffeen Junction project was delivered to a high standard and completed on time.


Transport Infrastructure Ireland

Client Representatives

Cork County Council


March – July 2019

Contract Value



Carrigaline, Co. Cork


January 18, 2021