N21 Croagh Road Improvement Scheme

The N21 Croagh Road Improvement Scheme comprised of works to aid traffic calming and to improve road safety along a 1.2km stretch of the N21 Limerick to Tralee road. The scope of the work included the construction of 2 No. traffic calming gateways, the installation of traffic calming islands and buildouts, the replacement of 2No. bus bays, the modification of two existing minor junctions with restricted turning movements and various other minor ancillary works.

Traffic management was crucial to ensure the least possible disruption throughout construction, this included traffic calming, signage, safety barriers, public lighting etc.

Main Quantities

  • Earthworks ? 2,400m3
  • Drainage ? 629m (150-225m dia) with associated manholes
  • Ducting ? 300m
  • Kerbing ? 1245m
  • Concrete Footpaths ? 1652m3
  • Traffic calming Gateway islands and associated Buildouts ? 2No.
  • Repeater traffic calming Islands and associated Buildouts ? 8 No.
  • Accommodation Works
  • Topsoiling ? 5000m2
  • Signage
  • Extension of existing box culvert with 2No. 2m sections
  • Watermain for community group scheme ? 60m
  • Stonework with railing ? 12m
  • Bus bays ? 2.No


Limerick County Council

Client Representatives

Kilgallen and Partners


October 2012 – December 2012

Contract Value

? 295 083


Croagh, Co. Limerick


January 22, 2021