Culvert CU227 on N7 HQDC

The CU227 Culvert Contract included for the provision of all labour, plant, materials and supervisory staff to ensure the works were constructed in accordance with the contract specifications and the requirements of Tipperary North Riding County Council and the contract Programme.

Works also included the following:

  • Earthworks 720m3
  • Construction of 284m2 of Footpaths (2m in width) on both sides of road, 568m2 of footpath constructed in total.
  • Construction of 284m of kerbing adjacent to footpaths.
  • Construction of crash barrier on both sides of the road (310m in total)
  • Construction of Filter and Carrier drainage pipe work (355m) 225-300mm in diameter along with associated gullies (16 No.)
  • Construction of cast in-situ box culvert and associated drainage.
  • Planeing and resurfacing of existing road on both sides 2200m2
  • Road Markings & White lining
  • Construction of Cast in-Situ headwall and Drainage conduit with Rock armour sides.
  • Top soiling and landscaping 4000m2


Bothar Hibernian

Client Representatives

Hyder Consulting Engineers


April 2010 – May 2010

Contract Value

€ 359 000


Ballywilliam, Nenagh County Tipperary


January 25, 2021