Lower Liffey Valley Regional

Lower Liffey Valley Regional Sewerage Scheme

Technical Summary:?

Rehabilitation using non dig techniques of defective sewers within the live Main Drainage system of the Lower Liffey Valley Regional Sewerage Scheme. Scope of works included:?


  • Cleaning of 19 km of sewers and 112 manholes to remove silt and debris from the specified sewers to increase the hydraulic capacity and provide clean sewer system.?
  • Removal of obstructions including intruding connections from the sewer network.?
  • 400 localised?repair?to isolated or infrequent defects within the sewer system.?
  • Relining of over 100 manholes and approximately 5 km of sewers.?
  • CCTV Survey and report of over 19km of sewer both before and after rehabilitation works.?
  • Preparation of an updated SUU5 Database for the rehabilitated manholes.?
  • Traffic Management?


Kildare County Council


April 2008 – November 2010

Contract Value

? 1 700 000


January 27, 2021