Bellanacargy Bridge

The works included:

  • Cleaning of the underside of the bridge and removal of spalled or defective concrete using hydro-demolition.
  • Addition on extra reinforcement bars in the reinforced concrete beams where required.
  • Treatment of exposed reinforcement bars with a patent rust inhibitor.
  • Spray applying areas of the soffit that have suffered spalling with a patent gunite mortar.
  • Cleaning both reinforced concrete parapets using a hydro-blast system and repairing any spalled or damaged concrete.
  • Scour repairs to a number of piers outlined.
  • Carriageway resurfacing
  • Removal of vegetation across entire structure


Cavan County Council

Client Representatives

Cavan County Council


July 2015 – August 2015

Contract Value

€ 52 221


January 20, 2021

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