Menlough Flood Relief Scheme

The contract included the following activities:

  • The installation of 2 underground water control tanks (15m3 accumulative capacity).
  • The supply and installation of 376 meters of DN225 SDR17 HPPE underground water main.
  • The installation of an outfall headwall into Lough Corrib.
  • Surfacing of existing L1007 Local Road (Middle Road).
  • Traffic Management of Middle Road as well as all other adjoining routes and junctions.
  • 15m3 Underground Water Control Tanks

We constructed 2no suction and disrtribution chambers at the head of the works adjoining the existing turlough which is prone to flooding the local area in times of heavy rainfall. The 9m3 sump chamber has a gravity feed straight from the water source which houses the turlough water once it reaches a certain height below the existing road level. The 6m3 chamber is a sealed dry chamber with a bauer connection which is connected to the rising main to allow for pumping. In times of flooding a mobile pump is seated on the access road between both chambers, the suction hose is then placed into the 9m3 sump chamber, at such time the male end of the distribution line from the pump set is attached to the bauer connection in the dry chamber. This allows for the turlough water to be pumped directly away and into Lough Corrib.

Road Construction & Traffic Management
Road construction works was a major part of the project. Construction works such as road planing, trench excavation and backfilling as well as the temporary and permanent reinstatement of the middle road and adjoining junctions were carried out. Traffic Management on the Middle Road as well as all other adjoining routes and junctions were in place throughout the construction phase.

Vibration Monitoring
Vibration monitoring was carried out on a daily basis throughout the project to ensure no damage occured to neighboring buildings by the construction works. All relevant information was documented, recorded and a copy of all results were issued to the client.

Watermain Construction
The pipelaying on this project consisted of 376m of DN225 SDR17 HPPE pipework which was electro fusion welded. There was a total of 274m of this pipework in the local middle road and 102m through an overgrown area of shrubs and trees etc to a small precast outfall headwall facing directly into Lough Corrib. We encountered many obstacles along the Middle Road while excavating the pipe trench such as existing underground watermains, house connections, ESB cables, ducting and hard limestone rock in various locations along the pipeline route. All these obstacles were adequately identified,dealth with and overcome on site as we progressed with the pipeline. On completion of the pipework we carried out a standard Air Test under the supervision of the client.

Relevant Quantities:

  • 2No. Underground Water Control Tanks Total Capacity 15m3
  • 376m of DN225 HPPE SDR17 Pipework
  • Precast Concrete Headwall
  • 1,210m2 of Road Surfacing


Galway City Council

Client Representatives

Galway City Council


June 2011 – July 2011

Contract Value

€ 61 500


Menlough, Co Galway


January 21, 2021