Cavan SS WTP Upgrade

MEIC along with our sister company Glan Agua successfully completed the Design and Build Contract for the Cavan WWTP Project. This included all aspects of a WWTP Upgrade including Process, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Design and Build.

The Contract provided for the design and build upgrade in capacity from approx. 20,000PE to 30,000PE.


The overall scope of works for the Cavan WWTP Upgrade Contract is as follows:

  • Demolish existing inlet works and design and construct new preliminary treatment facility with the capability of ready expansion to cater for ultimate design flows (54,000PE)
  • Design and Build preliminary treatment units (sized for maximum flows of 10DWF associated with a design loading of 30,000PE)
  • Refurbish existing storm tank and construct 1 No. additional storm water tank (1,969m3) c/w odour removal and cleaning mechanism on both;
  • Design and build anaerobic zones to cater for design flows to full treatment (i.e. 3DWF at 30,000 PE)
  • Refit existing aeration tanks with diffused aeration system and separate anoxic zones to provide nitrification and denitrification capacity as required
  • Design and construct additional aeration tanks with integrated anoxic zones to provide for additional treatment capacity as required
  • Refurbish 2 No. existing secondary clarifiers with appropriate mechanical and electrical components
  • Design and Build additional final clarification capacity
  • Design and construct the tertiary treatment unit
  • Refurbish existing tertiary treatment system
  • Refurbish existing picket fence thickener (PFT)
  • Refurbish existing dewatering building
  • Design and Build a new administration and control building
  • Provide new chemical storage and dosing facilities as required
  • Upgrade existing ESB Medium Voltage sub-station provided as part of leachate Pre-Treatment Contract
  • Design and Build air blower buildings as required to ensure blowers are housed internally
  • Design. provide, install, test and commission all associated mechanical and electrical components associated with upgrade Works
  • Design and prepare all ground works, design and construct access roads, site roads, bridges and site fencing.

The project duration of design and stage was 85 weeks and was delivered ahead of schedule. It entitled 95,000 man hours accident free and incorporated the removal of approximately 40,000 metric tonnes of rock, pouring of 9,000 tonnes of concrete and use of 700 tonnes of reinforcing steel as well as provision and installation of a range of specialised mechanical and electrical equipment and components sourced in Ireland and across Europe.


Cavan County Council

Client Representatives

Nicholas O’Dwyer


January 2014 – March 2015

Contract Value

€ 9 900 000


Cavan Town


January 27, 2021