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UB227 Nenagh to Limerick HQDC

UB227 Nenagh to Limerick HQDC

Client: Bothar Hibernian

Location:  N7 Nenagh To Limerick Motorway, Ballinwilliam, Nenagh, Co Tipperary

Date:  April 2008- August 2008

Contract Value: € 1,650,000

Client Representives:  Hyder Consulting Engineers

The UB227 Nenagh to Limerick HQDC project involved the construction of a reinforced earth bridge, which was built in close proximity to a live  carraigeway with a span of 21m, and an overall length of 81m. The deck of the bridge required 92no T11 Precast Prestessed  Beams which were installed in accordance with a detailed traffic management plan, to minimise disruption to the live traffic. The project required significant sheet piling works to support the abutment footings beside the live carraigeway, whilst also ensuring protection to live fibre optic cable which encroached on the works. The bridge was a critical piece of infastructure in overall M7 Project as it allowed over 700m3 of fill be transprted across the existing N7 without interference to the public traffic utilising the existing road. The work was completed within a tight five month programme, to the standards required in the project specification.

Relevant Quantites:
  • 1500m2 Deck 
  • 45,000m3 of Structural Fill
  • 21000m3 of Concrete
  • 305t of rebar
  • 1500 of waterproofing
  • 862m2 of Reinforced Earth Panels.