Monksland WWTP Storm + Inlet Works

The contract involved the design, construction, commissioning, testing and operation for a period of two years of a sewerage scheme bundle, which includes the towns of Foxford, Charlestown/Bellaghy and Killala. Scope of works included:

  • Design and construction of a new inlet works, storm tank and all associated pipework at the existing treatment plant to cater for population equivalent of 6,430PE.
  • Provision of storm water overflow (SWO) upstream of the new inlet works to divert flows greater than Formula A to the River Cross.
  • The installation of an alternative gas detection system within the existing sludge dewatering building to inform all operators of possible toxic gases present.
  • Provision of a new control panel within the existing administration building and the provision and construction of all associated ducting.
  • Provision of new PLC and SCADA PC for the Works.
  • Provision of new influent sampling chamber to be located downstream of the proposed new grit removal process.
  • Provision of a water supply from existing onsite washwater system to tipping buckets/venture system within proposed new storm tanks and to all cleaning mechanisms within the proposed new inlet works.
  • Supply and installation of materials and Plant and construction of the Works so as to comply with and satisfy the Work Order Requirements.
  • Decommissioning and demolition of existing wastewater infrastructure not incorporated into the Works.
  • Decommission of the overflow pipeline from the existing balancing tanks following the completion of the new inlet works and storm tank.


Irish Water


January 27, 2021