Milford Installation of Rubbing Strips, Road Resurfacing and Bridge Works

The Installation of Rubbing Strips, Road Resurfacing & Bridge Works at Milford Bridges project included for the refurbishment of the road surfacing, parapet wall and kerbing at Milford Bridge in Co Carlow. The main scope of the project included:

  • Prepare and clean site, remove vegetation from parapet wall and road surface where waterproof membrane is to be installed.
  • Supply and Installation of 650m of Granite Kerbs 250x150mm which were bedded in a high strength modified mortar/grout and bonded with a two part epoxy resin between the vertical joints to ensure that all the kerbs acted as one during a collision.
  • Supply and fill drainage stone to clause 505 Type B to back of kerb.
  • Supply & Lay (2500m2) of 14mm DBM regulating course to Clause 903.
  • Supply & Lay (2500m2) of 40mm layer of HRA with 14/20 precoated chip Surface Course to Clause 911
  • Supply and install 11 no side entry gullies in granite kerb line

The project was constructed during a temporary road closure and therefore the fast and efficient completion of the project was essential. In addition, there was significant emphasis on the traffic management and public health and safety including the design and implementation of Traffic Maangement and VMS for the project.


Carlow County Council

Client Representives

Carlow County Council


September 2011 – October 2011

Contract Value

€63 000


Milford Brdige, Co Carlow


January 22, 2021