Costelloe Regional Water Supply Scheme–Contract No. 2, Pipelines and Reservoirs.

MEIC Ltd signed the contract for the Costelloe Regional Water Supply Scheme–Contract No.2, Pipelines and Reservoirs on Friday, 17th May 2013. ... Read more ›

MEIC Ltd commence the Tarbert Sewerage Scheme, Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade, Advance Collection System Works.

The works form part of an upgrade/extension to the existing sewer network collection system.... Read more ›

MEIC Ltd awarded the contract for the Galway City Western Environs Water Supply Scheme – Tonabrocky Reservoir.

This project involves the construction of a new in-situ concrete reservoir, construction of access road and pull in area, construction of scour outlet pipe and headwall, filling around reservoir and construction of all interconnecting pipework on site.... Read more ›